Closely linked to nature for generations

Your hosts from Simonbauer introduce themselves

Three generations live together on our family-run farm and it is a matter of great concern to all of us that you feel completely at home during your holiday with us. As your hosts we are very happy to be there for you.

  • Georg Gerharter
  • Cows on the alpine meadow

Georg Gerharter

Farmer and chef of 22 ladies

Nature has a very special significance for Georg. As an organic farmer, he focuses on its sustainable management and enjoys wonderful mountain experiences in his leisure time. Provided - his 22 ladies give him the time…

  • Christine Gerharter
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Christine Gerharter

Your hostess

Their "personal touch" and cordiality are indispensable at the Simonbauerhof. Christine really does everything she can to offer her guests the best on holiday. She is always on hand with advice and action and is happy to put herself in every guest's place…

  • Kajetan Gerharter
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Kajetan Gerharter

Young farmer and hut landlord

Kajetan Hüttenwirt is enthusiastic about the Lärchbodenalm, the family's alpine hut. He is just as enthusiastic about his parents' farm. Fortunately, there is still time for a very special hobby…

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Nicole Gerharter


Nicole ist die Jungbäuerin am Simonbauerhof und die Frau von Kajetan. Hauptberuflich ist sie in der Gemeinde als Volksschullehrerin tätig. Im Sommer führt sie gemeinsam mit Kajetan die Lärchbodenalm.
  • Hanna Gerharter
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Hanna Gerharter


Hanna impressively proves that a close connection to the homeland and a love of travelling are not opposites. As a student of Export-oriented Management, she travels internationally for valuable experience, but enjoys coming home every time…

  • Ruth Gerharter
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Ruth Gerharter

Senior boss

Although she has long since handed over the reins to the younger generation, she helps with words and deeds at the farm and on the alp. Ruth is very fond of the history, especially that of the Ramsau, and she also likes to pass on her extensive knowledge in the museum "Zeitroas"…